Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao Memorial

In The Memories Of

Master Liu 
Yun Qiao portrait

Liu Yun Qiao

1909 ~ 1992

Bajimen inscription pass by late teacher Grandmaster Liu


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LiuYunQiao, born in Cang county of Heibei province of China. Studied family's Taizu Long Fist since youth, and studied MiZongQuan from his grandfather's bodyguard ZhangYaoTing. When he was 9 years old, his father hired the famous BaJiQuan master LiShuWen, both to be his bodyguard and to instruct him in martial arts. In the decade that follows, he was able to fully learn the best of Li's arts such as BaJiQuan, PiGuaZhang, lance, staff ... etc. When matured, he followed Li and visited martial artists in ShanDong. Later, he also studied under the famous LiuHe Mantis master DingZiCheng in the Huang county in ShanDong, and the famous BaGuaZhang master GongBaoTian in YanTai. Grandmaster Liu studied tirelessly in life, and held no inhibitions regarding style differences.

He was brought up in the period of warring factions in China, and participated in the anti-Japanese war and the Chinese civil war. He joined the military in his youth, risked his life and was wounded many times. After arriving at Taiwan in his middle ages, he took the responsibility of promoting Chinese martial art upon himself. He took the position of the Main Instructor of martial arts for the presidential bodyguards; Created the Wutan magazine to foster interests in the arts, as well as creating the Wutan martial art training classes to instruct the youth, contributed immensely to the growth of Chinese martial arts.

Grandmaster Liu is equality capable in both literature arts and martial arts. His bold and beautiful calligraphy fully conveys a martial artist's brave and chivalrous personality, and was much admired by his contemporaries. Grandmaster Liu lived a life with the highest moral conduct, and is a fine role model for us all.