A Brief Chronology of the Life of Grandmaster Liu

1909 Born on the 8th day of the second month in the lunar calander in Ji-Tao Village, Cang County, Hebei Province, China.
1914 Began the training in TaiZu ChangQuan (Song Emperor Long Fist) and MiZongQuan (Lost Track Fist) under Zhang Yiao-Ting. Zhang, a Henan native, served under Liu's grandfather in Henan as a personal bodyguard and later stayed with the family when the grandfather retired as an officer.
1916 Became the last (closed door) disciple of "God of Spear" Li ShuWen and began the training of Bajiquan (Eight Extreme Fist) and Piguazhang (Hanging-Chop Palms). Later he also began the training of LiuHe DaQiang (Six Harmony Lance), ShuaiBa Guen (Handle-throwing Staff) and Pigua Dao (Pigua Sabre) under Li
1929 Followed Li ShuWen to travel around Shandong Province, challenging and being challenged by famous martial artists. Got the nickname "Little Titan of ShanDong".
1932 Finally stopped at the Huang County, ShanDong and stayed with one of Li's earlier disciples, General Zhang Xiang-Wu. Began the training in Taijiquan and KuenWu Sword with Zhang. He also began the training in LiuHe TangLang (Six Harmony Preying Mantis) under Ding ZiCheng.
1934 Death of Li ShuWen.
1935 Left for YenTai City, Shandong, with Gong BaoTien and began the training in Baguazhang.
1937 After the start of Japanese invasion in China, entered FongXiang Central Military School, a 7th division of the HuangPu Military School. He was in the 15th term.
1939 Graduated as a Second Lieutenant and began front line duty defending against the Japanese invasion forces in the area of Shanxi and Henan provinces.
1941 Married to Madam Zhu JianXia. Positioned at BaoJi as the Captain of the Northwest Police Detective Unit.
1943 Positioned in the Chuan-Shan Sector Headquarter as the Comissioner of the General Staff.
1949 Arrived at Taiwan with the Chinese Nationalist Government. Positioned as the Chief of Personnel Section, General Staff of the Headquarter of the newly founded Parachuter Division. Later transferred to Department of National Defence Personnel Section as the Colonel of the General Staff. Then positioned as the Chief of the North District Centre of the Headquarters of the Combined Service Forces.
1968 Lead Martial Arts team to visit the southeast Asia. Later became the Safety Advisor of the Presidential Palace, coaching the Safety Personnels for the President of the Republic of China.
1971 Founded the WuTang Martial Art Magazine and WuTang GuoShu Promotion Centre.
1977 Began training the teaching staff of the United Commanding Section.
1989 At the invitation of Taiwan GuoShu Association, began the task of creating a standardized training material for Chinese Martial Arts.
1992 Died on the 21th day of January at the age of 83.