Grandmaster Liu's
Other Styles

Long Fist (Changquan)

Grandmaster Liu's family have resided for generations in the Cang County, the so called "Martial Art Village". Liu's family had a Long Fist system that was passed down through generations. This system only has one routine, but contains over 300 movements. The movements of this routine are large, expansive and slow. Comparing the characteristics and the names of the movements in this Long Fist routine to the available records from the Chen Village in Wen County of Henan, it appears to be similar to the lost Long Fist routine of the Chen Village taijiquan. According to the legends, this routine was first composed by the founding emperor of the Song Dynasty. It became popular in the Ming Dynasty, and was included in the military training by General Qi JiGuang, who included such training in the "Quan Jing Jie Yiao" chapter of his book "Ji Xiao Xing Shu".

2. Lost-Track Fist (Mizongquan)

This system was taught to Grandmaster Liu by his grandfather's bodyguard and servant, Zhang YiaoTing. In his childhood Grandmaster Liu was very week and suffered many sickness, and constantly facing the threat of death since his birth. Zhang took the infant Grandmaster Liu to his home and took care of him, massaged him and fed him herbal medicine everyday until his health improved. When Grandmaster Liu was a bit older he began to learn this system from Zhang until he became the disciple of Li ShuWen and began the training of bajiquan. Even though Grandmaster Liu was born of a wealthy family, he was completely without the habit of a wealthy playboy and he lived a very non-materialistic life. According to Grandmaster Liu himself, it was influenced in a great part by Zhang.

There are two routines taught of this system by Grandmaster Liu. The movements are expansive, and contains many leaping footworks. This system is quite suitable for novice students. Many of Grandmaster Liu's students practice these routines.

3. One-inch Eight-Warlord Fist (Cunbafanquan)

The Eight-Warlord Fist (Bafanquan) is a very ancient system of martial art style, and cunbafan is a very unique routine within the system. In his youth Grandmaster Liu defeated a famous bafanquan master in TianJing, and was later taught this routine by the master.